§ 1

General provisions

1. These regulations concern the Level I of Fascial Manipulation© training by Luigi Stecco.

2. The Organiser of the training is the rehabilitation and publishing company Odnova-Med 2 Paweł Poncyljusz and Lech Poncyljusz S.C. The company office is located in 71-228 Szczecin, Jana III Sobieskiego 14. Poland

§ 2

Course organisation

1. The training is divided into two meetings, 3 days each. The dates of the meetings are:

  • Level I a – 07. – 09. October  2022
  • Level I b 25.-27. November 2022

2. The course is going to take place at the school of physiotherapy – Staatlich anerkannte Lehrakademie für Physiotherapie, Reichsstraße 90-93 14052 Berlin

3. The Organiser of the course reserves the right to change the location of the course. The information regarding the change is going to be provided to the Participants not later than one months before the start of the course.

4. The course will be run by prof. Antonio Stecco

5. The language of the lectures is English (there will be no translation into German).

6. The Organiser reserves the right to change the person running the course in the case of an unexpected event, such as the illness of the teacher.

7. The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the course if there is an insufficient number of participants. The potential information on the cancellation is going to be provided to the Participants not later than two weeks prior to the course.

8. If the course is cancelled, the payment in advance is going to be returned to the Participants within 7 days of the publication of the information about the cancellation of the course.

9. If the course is cancelled, the Organiser does not take responsibility for the costs of accommodation, travelling to Berlin or any other payments associated with the course that were issued by the participants.

§ 3


1. The price for the Level I training is 1000 Euros (one thousand Euros).

2. All payments are issued to the Organiser’s account:

Odnova-Med 2 Paweł Poncyljusz, Lech Poncyljusz, S.C.

ul. Jana III Sobieskiego 14

71-228 Szczecin, Polska

NIP: 8522633866

Bank details:

Euro payments:

ING Bank Śląski: PL 91105015591000009245085007


Polish zloty (PLN) payments:

ING Bank Śląski: 13105015591000009245083986

(Note: the Organiser’s bank account is in a Polish bank).

3. The Participant is expected to transfer the advance payment of 400 Euros (four hundred Euros) to the Organiser’s bank account within 7 days of sending his/her application form to the Organiser.

4. The advance payment is the basis for the Participant’s reservation of a place in the course.

5. The remaining payment for the course – 500 Euros (five hundred Euros) – is to be transferred to the bank account of the Organiser not later than until 30th Septemver 2022.

6. If a discount code is provided in the application form, the price of the course is decreased according to the discount. The discount will be included in the final settlement.

§ 4

Resigning from the course

1. In case of course resignation of a Participant not later than until 7th  September 2022, the advance payment will be returned in full. If the resignation occurs after 7th  September  2022, the advance payment will not be returned.

2. Resignations should be sent to berlin@fascialmanipulation.de

§ 5

Final provisions

1. The Participant of the course is to report changes in his/her contact information to the Organiser. The Organiser does not take responsibility for the consequences resulting from not receiving information on the changes in contact information.

2. Any issues and abnormalities in terms of course organisation are to be immediately reported to the Organiser. The Organiser is obliged to solve potential problems after receiving a written form signed by the interested persons.

3. These regulations apply from 1st July 2022.

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